Nostalgy for

This plugin for Apple’s will add an entry called “Nostalgy” to your Message menu.

This menu adds four keyboard shortcuts to which you can use to rapidly move or copy your emails by keyboard. That way, you don’t have to take your hands from the keyboard while sorting your mails.

If an Apple Update breaks the plugin:

Please run:    Then thank Michael Blakeley for creating the update script.

Once you have pressed F3 or F4, this popup will come up where you can enter parts of the folder name where you want to move or copy the selected messages.

If the popup contains more items than can be displayed, you can select the one you want by using the up and down arrow keys.

The next time you open the popup, the folder you used last time will automatically be entered into the search field. So if you just press the return key, the last folder will be used. You can also reuse the last folder directly by pressing ⌘ together with F3 or F4.

If you decide that you do not want to copy or move the selected messages after all, just press the escape key to hide the popup window.

10.5 Leopard


10.6 Snow Leo


Installation Instructions

Open up the Terminal and type:

defaults write EnableBundles -bool true

Copy the Nostalgy4MailApp.mailbundle folder you downloaded into the Folder “Bundles” which can be found inside the “Mail” folder that is inside the “Library” folder inside your home folder.

Or in geekery terms,

copy Nostalgy4MailApp.mailbundle into ˜/Library/Mail/Bundles.

Then run the update script to make sure the plugin will load for your version of


Scroll down for installation instructions.


10.7 Lion


10.8 Mountain L.


This plugin is donationware.

If you like this plugin, please donate.